Chopping it off: Some things to know about the pixie cut.


In the past couple of years, many celebrities (as well as we peasants) have decided to go with the daring pixie cut. Here are some things to know, as well as things you should never say to those you love who may be pixie wearers.


It’s much easier to take care of.

I know, it’s shocking. For some reason, people have the idea that the pixie requires hours of work in the morning. Most days, I just get up and leave, to be honest. And you use less shampoo. Yay you.

You won’t look like a lesbian, I promise.

Well, I’m a lesbian, so I can’t say I don’t look like one… But usually lesbians won’t hit on you. We don’t look at the hair to see if you’re a homo. Honestly we look at your nails. (That was a joke oh my god please do not go get acrylics now… I promise you do not look like a lesbian if you are not a lesbian. Even lesbians don’t usually look like lesbians.)

It shows off more of your face.

If you have beautiful brows, this is a perfect way to show that off. If you have a round face, the pixie cut is the perfect way to show off its thinner features. On the negative side of this, if you have low self esteem then keep in mind that the pixie cut will expose your entire face. Be prepared for that, friends.

You will get bed hair (good or bad).

As much as this is something we pixie wearers try to hide, it’s vital that you never ever go to bed with wet hair. You’ll wake up with an unwanted faux hawk or pompadour, and it will not be cute like Miley’s. However, sometimes you might find that after a good nap, you wake up and your hair is softer or less poofy… just accept this. But please for the love of P!nk do not go to bed with a wet pixie cut.

You might have to learn about new styling products you’ve never used before.

If you’ve got a faux hawk going on, or a very P!nk-esque pompadour (I bring her up a lot because she’s the queen of the pixie- Don’t hate) or even an undercut, you’ll probably be using some new hair products. Take some time to look at molding wax, hair gels, pomade, among other things (and definitely hairspray). In my pompadour days, no-shine molding wax was everything I needed. If you’ve got more of a Justin Bieber style, look for the word “texturing” on said products – it does wonders (and yes, I’ve been there as well *shudders*)

A few things to never say to a new pixie wearer (or an experienced one for that matter)

What the hell have you done?

Never ever should this be a thing under any circumstances.

You look just like (insert celebrity with pixie here)!!!

We both have short hair omg stop.

Are you a lesbian now?

Actually hair doesn’t have a sexual preference so no I’d say not.

I liked it better long.

Thanks, asshole. This honestly is one that really hurts my feelings the most – basically it’s you telling me I used to be pretty but now I’m not.

Your face looks so much more grown up and less fat!!!

So I looked like an obese 9 year old before? Gee, thanks.

When you grow it out…(insert scenario here)

Who says I’m growing it out? Stop saying “when you grow it out” or talking about how long it takes. Yes, I know. No, that does not mean I want to go through all that shampoo and hours getting ready in the morning again.

In a nutshell, I do believe that it is worth chopping it off… it’s scary to think about, but once you chop it off, you’ll feel fresh and new. It’s like a new beginning. The best moment for me was getting out of the shower and realizing that my hair wasn’t dripping all over the floor and my face. You feel the wind on your neck and feel free. It’s so easy. But it’s a scary step to take… and it’s not for everyone. But those who dare to venture onto team pixie typically not only belong here, but stay here.


Butches, Femmes, and why we lesbians are wasting our time with pointless labels.

As part of the lesbian community, most of us have a certain image that comes to their mind upon hearing certain words such as “butch” “femme” “stemme” or the worst of all – “bulldagger.” The question is… why? Where did these stereotypes originate? How can we overcome them?

When LGBT bars started appearing more in society, the lesbian community was big on the “butch-femme” stereotypes. Many lesbian relationships depended strongly on having a more masculine member and feminine member of the relationship. The butch wore the pants, if you will (however, my partner and I like it best when neither of us is wearing pants. [it’s a joke, try not to have a heart attack, if any of my readers are particularly conservative]).

We all know what to expect when we hear “lesbian.” One of two things. Either totally fake porn, or a creature with a faux hawk resembling a man, sounding like a woman, wearing flannel, and changing the oil in her own car.

In case it hasn’t clicked yet, lesbians tend to push labels onto each other… but why must we do this, if we also say that “labels are for clothes”? Additionally, since clothes go into closets, are we not simply pushing ourselves into a totally different closet than we started off in?

That was a joke.

To close this post, I’d like to share some personal information regarding the subject. In january of last year, I cut off my hair. My hair, as of now, is a little shorter than my dad’s. My partner’s hair is shoulder length. I wear makeup – in minimal amounts. She wears a little more makeup. We both dress a little bit feminine, I clearly have a more masculine personality. Who pays the bill on dates? Whoever has more money at the time. Don’t get me wrong – I’m the more dominant partner in the relationship. Sometimes I do become a little needy and appreciate a hug or cuddles. However, neither of us fits the “femme-butch” relationship stereotype. and I’m not shaming couples who DO fit that stereotype… however, I do encourage my readers to look at yourself and ask what’s really important. Yes, you may be a masculine female, or a feminine partner. You may be the dominant or submissive. and yes, this is important to recognize in a long term relationship.

On the other hand, I encourage you to ask yourself how important being “butch” or “femme” is, and who you are inside… take time to discover yourself in the new year which is approaching.

For those who helped uplift my aching soul.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve really been reflecting on my life (my apologies for my hiatus – I’ve had a lot of life choices to sort through). And the question that seemed to keep coming up in my mind was “Is this going to matter in 30 years? How important is this in my personal development?”

Ok, so that’s two questions. The point is, I had some deep questions going on in my mind, and being a 17 year old white girl with no job, no money, and a small number of resources, of course my first instinct was to complain about it on the internet. I think I’ve thought through this trialing time in my life enough that I’m seeing emotional improvement in myself and I can see myself maturing, which I suppose could be a good thing or a bad thing, but for the sake of discussion, let’s say it’s grand.

When I began high school, I was a very avid and enthusiastic band member. I was second chair flute/piccolo in the wind ensemble as a freshman. I would sit and I would focus in on certain notes, let myself get lost within the musical piece, and let my soul soak in the beautiful art that is music. Music was every beat of my heart, it was the blood coursing through my veins. It always has been. I began choir as a 7 year old soprano (take a moment to groan at the thought of a seven year old soprano who sang like a goat… that was me…). The point is, I tried really hard. and I stopped singing and began band my sixth grade year.

My sophomore year in high school, I became Drum Major for our marching band. I was so excited!!! It was exactly what I’d been dreaming of since I was a sixth grade band member. It was one of those goals that in a 6th-12th grade musician’s mind, will pay off from hard work and practice and dedication and a true love for music. However, I quickly learned that sometimes you try and try for something… and you realize that it is something you are not quite ready or responsible enough to take on by yourself.

The year I became drum major, I was bullied and harassed. I was called all kinds of horrid names that I would rather not repeat. The other drum majors didn’t like me too much, and that was reflected in the way the rest of the band treated me. I went to my band director and explained to him my situation. He replied with “let it roll off your back, and it will all pass. and if it doesn’t, you were the one who picked this job.” and that is a harsh thing to say to a 15 year old girl… but to follow his advice, I tried to let harassment from people as old as 19 years old just roll off my back. However, the more I tried to not let it faze me, the worse it got. It got to a point where I felt unsafe at school and I decided at that time that I had one of two options. I could 1) endure two more years of what might be the worst feeling I’ve ever had in my entire life and just keep letting it roll off my back while my grades drop and my anxiety gets worse or 2) decide it was my time to retire from high school band and continue music in some other, more healthy way.

When it came down to it, I made the responsible choice. I decided to end my time in the high school band in spring of 2012. That same season, I auditioned for my first musical. I haven’t stopped since. The next year, I auditioned for the school musical and the first question the choir director asked was “Why haven’t you done this before?” to which I replied “well I was in band… and I was too busy…”

That year I joined the high school choir, which I am still in. My choir director and I have had more than one long and deep chat about goals, life purpose, and personal capability. It’s nice to know she cares. My former band director, is still an honest, intelligent, and a little bit closed off man. But I wasn’t getting what I needed in that class.

Just a few days ago, I got the chance to participate in district honor chorus. As our choir of 250 made our way through a rather difficult latin piece, I stood and I focused in on certain notes, let myself get lost within the musical piece, and let my soul soak in the beautiful art that is music. Music is every beat of my heart. It is the blood coursing through my veins. It always has been and always will be. I want other people to know that feeling. I want to give people the opportunity to feel it for themselves. My choir director is my musical saving grace. I want to be that for someone. I want to teach music.

Ultimately what I’ve learned is that a better question to ask yourself isn’t “What will happen to my reputation?” but “When I fell down, who was the person who kicked me, and who was the person who lifted me up?”

In 40 years, my reputation in high school will not matter – It will not be important. What is truly important is who/what affected my life, and how did they/it do that? What I can do to do that for other people? How can I be there for others, and most importantly, how can I accomplish goals and uplift others in my life to do the same thing?

A lot has changed in the past four years… but one thing that won’t is the music of my life and the tempo that is the beating of my heart.

Labor Day Fun?

I’m back! I went on a bit of a leave from this blog because I was so preoccupied with other things. At any rate, today Brittany and I had our first Labor Day together! Since my mother had a heart attack not too long ago, she adopted a new heart healthy lifestyle and I have adopted a vegetarian lifestyle. It’s been pretty great for all of us actually. Mom had turkey burgers and Brittany and I had some garden veggie burgers. We also had some potato salad. It was a good cookout, if I do say so myself. Recipes should be coming soon.

Let me get back to the subject of my blog leave. This summer has turned out to be a very difficult time in my life.  My favorite aunt and closest relative died not too long ago and with my mom’s heart attack and school things to worry about, I’ve been on edge all summer. I’ve also relapsed this summer and things have begun to get easier (thank goodness…). Anyway, so in the midst of a life-storm, I was also in a religious bind. I’ve always believed in God but I’ve been so scared of church because of how much hate homosexual people receive through the church. So during my blog leave, I decided to go on a search for God (and a church that takes me for what I am). We’ve found a lovely United Church of Christ and are very happy knowing that the term “Gay Christian” is not a paradox. Brittany and I have been together for almost 7 months now and I have never been happier. I love her.

A Week of… er… adventures?

If you have read my recent posts, then you know that in two days my family is leaving to go to Panama City Beach, Florida. My girlfriend, Brittany, has never been to Florida. So she’s pretty excited. Although she is scared of the ocean which doesn’t make much sense seeing as she is from California. But she really is absolutely frightened to swim in the ocean. Naturally I will get her to go into the ocean anyway because I am a heartless bitch. What do you expect, I am a lesbian. That was a joke about the stereotype that all lesbians are angry bitches unless nobody caught that before I explained it.

Meh, I’m tired, so to be honest I’m probably not as witty as I’m trying to be right now.

Anyway, another post should be coming soon, so stay tuned for updates during and after my trip. 🙂 

So, the next couple of weeks is exciting.

Maybe you guys aren’t too well acquainted with me yet, and to be honest I don’t have very many followers. Regardless, here I am, sharing the not-so-details of my personal life. I hope someone is reading this.

This weekend my aunt… err, sister… ok my biological aunt, my legal sister (I know it’s confusing) is getting married. It should be fun. I’m very happy for her and her fiance. He’s grown on me a lot seeing as I wanted to shoot him with a bow and arrow upon first meeting him. We’ve come a long way. We’re on agreeable terms now and I’m happy she finally found someone who is there for her despite her crippling manic depressive tendencies. That was a joke. If she finds this blog I am dead.

Anyway so I literally got my learners permit yesterday. Obviously I am behind on social customs. But because I’ll be eighteen in February, I can get my class C then. Adult privileges rock.

On Saturday, my girlfriend, Brittany, and I are going to my sister-aunt’s wedding. This will be the first time many of my non-immediate family will be meeting her. What’s a better way to celebrate four months of being a happy couple than to go to a wedding together?

A week and a day later (you do the math, Sunday, June 16) we will be leaving on a road trip to Panama City Florida with my family. It should be a nice break. Then when I get back I can start to focus more on theatre and less on waiting patiently to get a break from life.

By the way, this week I was cast as one of the 3 pigs/blind mice in SHREK The Musical. It’s the kind of smaller and comedic/carefree part I’ve been wanting. I’m very excited.

Non-aesthetic Benefits of Running

I’ve recently taken to running. So without further ado, the things I have noticed about running are as follows.

Becoming More Healthy

Health is not always about aesthetic appeal. Running keeps your mind alert and your energy level up. It keeps you fit, not necessarily thin.

It makes you happy

It really does. That “runners high” is endorphins or adrenaline or something. I’m not really sure about the science but running makes you happy. It’s been used to treat depression and anxiety.

The world is your gym

As a runner, you don’t need ANY equipment except maybe some shoes that will support you. It doesn’t matter where you go, just put your running shoes in your bag and you can play your sport any time of the day. Easiest sport in the world.


After you run it gives you a feeling of confidence and accomplishment. You ran today and most people don’t. Kudos to you.